Fall Fashion Favorites

Hello everyone! It's that time of year again; the leaves are changing, the temperatures are dropping and our closets need some serious reorganizing. This time of year also tends to be a fashion lovers dream. The holidays are fast approaching which means we all need to look our absolute best so we are the envy of the party. In this post we will skim over some of the popular trends you can expect to see this Fall from Moody Blues Jean Boutique. 
Let's start with animal print, it's everywhere, it's here to stay and we love it! You can expect to see your typical leopard print as well as snake skin on everything from blouses and skirts to jackets and handbags. Embrace your wild side everyone! 
Keep Me Cozy- Leopard Print
Next up we have my personal favorite, PLAID. It's been a Fall/Winter staple for years and it's here yet again. You will be seeing this versatile print on jackets, blazers and even shoes. It's amazing, I know. 
Our third place winner goes to camouflage. If you have eyes and go in public you already know that this pattern has been huge all summer and it's popularity is rolling right into Fall. Camo believe it!? That was awful HA. 
Lastly we have faux leather, because animal lives matter y'all! We do care about all of Gods creatures here at Moody Blues which is why we offer a variety of faux leather vests and jackets. 
That my friends is all we've got for now. Just like the fashion world, our store is ever changing. Stay tuned for whatever we cook up next! 

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